Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Why do magazine articles state that I could easily get my child to eat whatever I offer her if only I 1) make it more flavorful, 2) cover it with cheese, 3) hide the good stuff under/in it, 4) cover it in sauce/dip???? NO! These things DON'T work with my child!!!! Stop making it sound like I'm an idiot who can't get my kid to eat new things!!! It's not as easy as calling broccoli, "dinosaur trees".

Why do the ads for "slimming jeans" use a size 2 model??? Um, yeah, it holds in HER tummy because she doesn't HAVE ONE!!! Put a size 16 girl (not that I wear that size, nope!) in those slimming jeans and lets see how great I (I mean, SHE) looks!! Yeah right!!!!

Why do the employees at McDs look at me like I'm crazy when I leave the drive thru with what's supposed to be COKE only to find it's DIET and then have to walk into the store and ask for actual COKE!?!?!?

Why does the power go out in a massive storm while I'm at school today?? I was planning on getting LOTS done but couldn't with no power!!!

What are your WHYS for today????


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I sooo hear you!

Kristine said...

Second that. Also...thanks for your awesome Blogroll. I found a few new, amazing blogs to visit. :)

Jimmie's Auntie Amber said...

Thank you so much for the Lovely Blog award! I've actually visited your blog and looked over your journey with your son before. Many blessings to you and yours!

HeatherOz said...

Hi Mandy
You are right about not checking the free blog makeover sights. Once I found them I spent way too much time playing around!
And, I stopped reading magazines a long time ago. I think they are published to make us feel stupid! I feel much better about my parenting now (probably in denial)