Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Party!

Here are some random pictures from Grady's party on Sat. He enjoyed the paper more than anything and I've never seen a baby get so into a cake. We just let him go at it and then the Grandmas put him in the bath! Taylor enjoyed helping with the gifts. The dark haired boy is my nephew, he's 10 wks older than Grady.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Ok, so it's not until tomorrow (the 28th) but I was at the hospital getting ready to start my labor with him at this time last year so I'll count it! Plus, I'd rather post now before going to bed!

Here's the birth story I had typed when Grady was born. Figure I can reuse it to celebrate his first birthday!

I had gone to my dr. appt. on Wed., Nov. 21, and Dr. Bantz wanted me to go to labor and delivery due to 146/94 bp. I chose not to go. On Sat. the 24 my bp was still up and I got a headache so I called the hospital and the dr. on call said to come in. I went in and they watched me for about 4 hours. BP went down so they sent me home. Induction was still scheduled for November 29 (Thurs). The dr. told me to stay off work until baby was born. I went to my scheduled appt. on Tues. with Dr. Boothe. My blood pressure was 160/92!!! I was still only 1 cm dilated. Dr. Boothe wanted me to go ahead to the hospital that night. We all discussed that 2 days before the scheduled induction wasn’t a big deal and that the bp was high enough I should go ahead and get the induction started. So we went and got Taylor and made plans quickly. I was checked into the hospital around 7 pm on Tuesday, November 27. They checked me and I was still only one cm dilated. They started Cervadil around 8:30pm. I sort of slept off and on through the night. The Cervadil fell out around 3:30 am and they went ahead and checked me again and I was 4 cm! They started the Pitocin around 6 am. I went ahead and got the epidural around 7:30 am since the anesthesiologist was going to be unavailable until around 11 am. When they checked me again (around 11 am) I was 6-7 cm and the dr. came and broke my water. Ryan and my dad headed to get lunch. The nurse checked me and I was 10 cm and 100% effaced. She told me to call Ryan back up and she’d get the dr. Dr. came in around noon. Nurse talked to me through one contraction and then I started pushing at 12:05 pm. I pushed for 5 sets (3 pushes each) and Grady was born at 12:23 pm. He was much bigger than Taylor (she was early and only 6 lbs 4 oz) but he was 8 lbs 11 oz!! So, the pushing went faster but it was much harder!

Grady is such a happy, onery, perfect baby! Well, I guess at one year old he's not a baby anymore but he'll always be my baby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRADY!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A year ago

Ok, so I know it wasn't a year ago according to the DATE but it was a year ago according to the DAY. Last year, I went to my dr. appt. on a Tues. and my bloodpressure was so high that the dr. sent me to the hospital to induce labor. So, last night as we were putting up the Christmas tree and then laying in bed, all I could think of was what was happening a year ago on Tuesday night. A year ago on this Wed. morning I was tired after a night of little sleep and getting ready to have Grady! WOW! So much has happened in a year!

Late night bathroom trips

When I was younger (like from the time I was pottytrained until I was in about 5th grade and my bedroom moved upstairs) I had a nightly ritual. EVERY night (and I mean every night) I would wake up in my bed and (because I was scared of the dark) call for my dad. "Daaaadddddyyyyy! Daaaaaddddddyyyyyy!" Many nights my brother would just go get my dad (dad's a heavy sleeper) and then dad would walk me to the bathroom and then put me back to bed. I can remember this vividly. I never knew how much my dad must have LOVED this ritual until I became a parent of a pottytrained child.
Taylor now wakes up about 2-3 (sometimes more) nights a week and walks to our room (she says she's scared of "darkness" but at least she comes to me rather than screaming for me like I used to scream for my dad) and then she stands next to my bed holding her silky and babybear and whispers, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy, I need to go pee." So I take her to pee and, if it's not after 6am, I take her back to her room. She usually wants to sleep in my bed but I tell her it's still dark so she can't. Don't know how that's going to work during the summer when it's light at like 5am!!
Anyway, thanks Dad for the nightly bathroom trips. Sorry I disrupted your sleep every night for so long! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Couple Pics

Here are a couple pics of my gorgeous kids! Taylor's hair hadn't been fixed but I think she's still beautiful! Of course, I'm a bit biased!

A good weekend

Taylor, Grady, and I got back home today from a very nice weekend with mom parents and extended family. The kids had a good time and were exhausted. They fell into bed and I'm about to do the same (after I put away a large pile of laundry!)
It's always so nice to spend time with family. Now I get to get through a three day week, then do Thanksgiving, Grady's bday on Friday, then the bday party on Sat., and try to rest on Sunday! Then it's three weeks until Christmas break!!!
It's strange how this weekend I was able to start the "a year ago today" thoughts. There's sooooo many "a year ago today" milestones coming up now. I hope to look back on them as something that God got us all through and made us all stronger. I want all of the thoughts of what has happened in this past year to remind us of how strong we are through our God. It truly is amazing what all our family has been through and how "well" we're all doing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please say a prayer

My daycare provider's oldest daughter (who has been in and out of the hospital about as much as Grady this past year with asthma related problems) is sick again. Please pray that she gets better soon and that Grady doesn't catch it.
Please pray that whatever snot Taylor has isn't serious and that Grady doesn't catch it.
Please pray that Grady doesn't catch whatever this all is and if he does we're able to stay on top of it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks a million times over

As we draw near to the Thanksgiving holiday, I am even more reminded of how blessed I am and how much I have to be thankful for. First on my list this year is Grady's 1st birthday. I know just how lucky we are that he was no sicker than he was (compared to so many others we saw at Riley we know just how sick he could have been) but there were times when he was labled "critical" and there were a couple times when the future looked bleak for us. But, our prayers were answered and our sweet baby boy, who has gone through so very much and come out of it all smiling and being total cuddles and meaness, is about to turn one year old!!!! I love him so very much.
I am so very thankful too for my precious Taylor. She, too, has been through so very much and was such a trooper through all of it! Wow! She went from being the one and only to sharing mommy and daddy with Grady. Then mommy got sick and went away, then daddy was sick, then Grady was sick and went away for a long time and came back and went away and came back and went away and came back. Then went away one last time and came back! :) She was so good through all of this past year. Ok, "good" maybe isn't the exact word (if you've been around her lately you'd understand!) but she handled it all so well! She is too cute, funny, rotten, for words! I love her so very much!
I'm thankful for Ryan who has been my rock through it all. He has taken care of so very much this past year and he carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. His children adore him and I feel lucky to have him beside me through this all. Here's to a better year of health for all of us! I love him so very much!
I am so thankful for my family and friends. There's a million things I could say thank you for but I'm tired and want to go to bed :) so I'll sum it all up with, "Thanks for being there. Thanks for your support, your prayers, your words, your deeds. Thanks for being you!" We would not have gotten through this past year without our family and friends.
I'm also thankful that I have a job, a home, a vehicle, food, clothing, some money (did you know that if you have only $60,000 in assets you are richer than 75% of the people in the world? Cars, home equity, tv, computer, that should be about $60, 000 in assets right there. We truly don't know what it's like to have no money.)
So, in closing, I'm overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude I have this year. I'm always thankful and think about it even more during this time of year but this year it's hitting me like a ton of bricks!
Happy Thanksgiving now and all year!

Air fresheners

Just a quick note that research is showing air fresheners are causing cancers. Also, air fresheners (any kind, candles included) aren't good for people with breathing problems.

The Patch

One of my students wears 2 medication patches for his behavior. I'd like to buy these in bulk and stick them on various students in my room. I bet he'd sell them to me! :) DISCLAIMER--obviously totally kidding, it's just been a rough day! :)

How can this be right?

How can my superintendent go to less responsibility (but get the same massive paycheck) and promote (and pay more) 2 people who are already making 6 figures while he's having to close 6 schools, and let more teachers go than we've let go in a long time. Also, he can promote two people yet can't give the teachers a 3% cost of living raise? We've been without contract for 2 years now. Doesn't seem quite equal here to me!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Obviously this should go without saying but I felt compelled to say it anyway. The views shared by myself may or may not agree with your views and opinions. Since this is my blog I am going to state my views on things but that doesn't mean that I think all reading it should agree. Thanks!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The link below is just one of many that goes to stories that are reporting on the rise of diseases that were once very much "extinct" thanks to medical advancements. I have a really hard time understanding someone who refuses to vaccinate their child against these diseases. The more research being done, the more we're finding that autism is very likely NOT linked to vaccines. Yes, do your research and decide which vaccines you want to give and when, do a slower schedule if you want, ask for the mercury free vaccines, but don't keep your child from getting a vaccine that could save his/her life or the lives of countless others. I hear people say, "I'm not worried about these diseases; people hardly ever get them anymore." and I want to scream because it's due to the vaccines that people hardly ever get the disease anymore!!!! My children are vaccinated (Grady on a slightly slower schedule due to the hospitalizations) but I don't want them around kids who aren't vaccinated who could possibly expose them to the disease. Grady's not been diagnosed with any kind of immune issues but he's sure made us wonder with how much he comes down with. I would be beside myself if he caught something from an unvaccinated child. I just feel that so much of the suffering could be avoided if people would allow their child to be vaccinated.
Now, obviously, I haven't delved much into the "whys" of not vaccinating. I know there are SOME valid reasons. But, "I just don't want to subject my child to that" (the disease is much worse than a shot!) and, "Those diseases aren't around anymore", and "No one can make me" type arguments just don't fly with me.
Ok, I'm done now! :)

Acetaminophen linked to asthma

This research story is scary! I always try to let a low fever run its course and now that Grady's past the 6 month mark I use ibuprofen for high fevers (wonder what it causes!) but he's definitely had acetaminophen many times in his first year! He's already genetically at risk for asthma, more at risk since he had RSV and had to be vented 3 times, and now let's add this to his list of risk factors!

Just some pics to share

The first is of Grady with his mohawk. It was less than impressive back in May but it's pretty stylish now! Too bad he wasn't in the mood for a picture!

The second is just of my two little Colts fans.

To Grandmother's House We Go!

Grady and Taylor got to spend Thursday night and all day Friday at Grandma Rita and Papaw Jeff's house. They had a great time! Mommy and Daddy got to go out to eat alone (no screaming child(ren), no puffs all over the floor, no picky eater Taylor, etc) and then we slept in on Friday (mommy took the day off), caught up on the Tivoed shows we needed to watch, went to eat lunch, shopped around for a while, then got groceries. All of this was very simple but very enjoyable. No dragging coats and hats around, no diaper bag, no in and out of carseats! Ahhhhhh! Oh, and it's 8:41 am on Sat. morning and Taylor and I have been up for about 20 min. and Grady's awake in his bed but playing. Two sleep in days in a row!!

Oh, and I'm excited about our Thanksgiving(s) coming up, Grady's bday, and Christmas with our families! Taylor, Grady, and I will be spending some time down at my mom and dad's house during both Thanksgiving (well, a weekend early, but still) and Christmas!

Friday, November 14, 2008

No more ads

Well, according to Google Adsense, the clicks on my ads were invalid. So, thanks to those of you who clicked on my ads but I guess they didn't like that I was getting so many clicks so they disabled my account. I was up to about $50! They send a check after $100. I guess I won't be getting that! :)
Anyway, I started this to put the ads on it but now that it's been disabled, I think I'll keep the blog anyway. I don't post every day but I'd like to keep it going.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Having a Child in the Hospital

We have spent over 40 days in the hospital. I feel blessed because these were not 40+ consecutive days, it was ONLY 40+ days, we were close to the hospital so we could travel home when needed, we had family and friends there with us most of the time, and we got to bring our baby home and he's relatively healthy. Now, with all of that said, I do feel that I've learned a bit about having a child in the hospital. Here's what I learned (in totally random order):
- there will be great nurses, good nurses, so-so nurses, and crappy nurses. No matter what type of nurse you get, be polite and realize they have other patients. However, don't be afraid to speak up for something you or child needs, especially if it has to do with your child's health or comfort.
- the nurses don't come in and purposely wake you or your child, they are just doing their job
- doctor time is totally different than real world time so don't expect "we'll be back after rounds" to mean that they'll be back anytime soon. Doctors say, "in a while" and we think "an hour or two" and they may mean "4-5 hours"
- doctors are not God, they don't always have the perfect answer and you can (and should) ask as many questions as you can think of and write things down (or have someone do it for you)
- never feel bad when you question an order or a medication or whatever. This is your child and mistakes do happen. You are the last line of "security" between the wrong med or wrong whatever and your child.
- try to make your room as comfy as possible. If you're in PICU that may be hard but if you're in a regular room you can try to make things "homey" (just remember that housekeeping will/should be in daily to clean and they don't need/want to pick up your stuff)
- if you have your own bathroom/shower be very thankful! That's such a lifesaver!
- if you have a private room be very thankful!
- don't just wait for the nurse to come around, if you need something push the call button
- don't feel guilty asking for things that have to do with your child's health....that's the nurses' job
- don't expect to get a lot of rest while in the hospital especially with a little one
- ask someone to sit with your child and get out of your room at least once or twice a day. Try to get outside too.
- if you are comfortable with it, try taking over some of your child's care (diapers, feeding, etc). If your child has something (trach, feeding tube, etc) that he will be going home with, you're going to need to learn how to do it anyway so you might as well do it now
- ask questions if you don't agree with things, ask questions if you don't understand something, ask whatever questions you have and keep asking until you feel like you've gotten an answer
- don't assume that you will be "remembered". If a med is late or a treatment is late, politely ask the nurse "What time will he be getting X med?" or "What time will Y treatment be here"....a lot of times things have been forgotten
- you can't just sit back and assume that the nurses/docs will do/remember everything
- be aware of every med your child is on and what it's for. Write this down if needed. You should know what med he gets, how much of it, and when
- be respectful and follow hospital guidelines
- wash your hands. Bring or buy lotion for your hands and face and lipbalm. The hospital air is so very drying.
- remember to keep things in perspective. The whole time Grady was sick, we were reminded daily that there were babies/kids all around us that were sooooo much worse off.
- you can do all of what I just said and still be polite. You don't need to be crappy but if things do warrant it, don't be afraid to make a complaint.

Well, that's most all of what I learned being in the hospital with Grady. Hopefully I'll never get a chance to learn any more!

What to expect with a chest xray

Ok, so, I don't know if this blog comes up when someone searches for something regarding respiratory stuff but I thought I'd type out what to expect if your child is going for a chest xray. I'm starting with the easy stuff first.
* First, have your child in something that's easy on and off if possible. Depending on the xray tech, they may let you keep a shirt on if there are no metal snaps or zippers or anything.
* Usually they will let the parent stay in the room (as long as you aren't pregnant) and they'll have you wear a lead apron to protect you.
* Depending on what the doc has ordered, you and/or the tech will lay the baby/child on the table and position him so that his chest is under the light/camera type thing.
* They will have to take more than one picture usually and usually more than one position to get a good look at the chest/lungs.
* More than likely your child will be upset (especially if it's a younger child/baby) and will usually want to move around. I know it sounds mean but if you'll hold the baby in the position they need him in and keep him from moving things will go quicker and easier. Yes, the baby will be upset but things won't take so long. If he moves too much then they will have to take more pics and this will prolong the experience.
* Once they have determined that they got good pics, they'll have you get the baby dressed.
That's it! Chest xrays are fairly easy!

He's My Last Baby

I'm feeling all sentimental with Grady. I know it has a lot to do with the fact that he/we have been through sooooooo very much this past almost one year but I think I'd be this way even if he'd not been through so much. He's 99.99% our last baby and I find myself at odds daily getting excited about his milestones but not wanting him to grow up too fast. Part of me also feels like the bigger and stronger he gets maybe the healthier he'll be but I don't want to wish him older. With Taylor I wasn't so sentimental. For example:
* I was determined (and successful) that Taylor would be done with bottles on her first birthday. We threw all bottles away that day and never looked back. Today, I decided that if Grady wants to continue a bottle at nighttime (or anytime) for a little bit longer, that is fine.
* With Taylor, I was thrilled when she started going to sleep on her own and not needing/wanting to rock. With Grady, I try to make him rock even though he'd usually rather just be laid down.
I am so totally in love with my children and I know the definition of "bittersweet" now that I'm a mother. I am so very proud and excited about all of their accomplishments and I think fondly about what the future holds for them but I also feel so very sad to think that one day they won't be my babies anymore. Although, Taylor did tell me the other day that she never wants to grow up because she wants to live with me and Ryan forever. :)

What Would Bring You Back?

Ok, so, according to someone I love, I'm not "bringing people to or back" to my blog. So, what could I do to draw people to my blog? What could I do to make people want to come back? You mean my intriguing/stunning/beautiful posts so far haven't brought people back numerous times a day? Heehee :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I added two new YouTube videos down at the bottom. These two songs are sort of my rocks right now. "Bring the Rain" was a song I first heard back in March driving home from the hospital to spend some time with Taylor and it hit me so hard I almost had to pull over. There has been so much rain in our lives lately and especially this past winter but through it all we all have been so blessed and have been able to find such peace in all that has happened. So, God will bring us rain but he'll get us through it too and this song reminds me that through all of the rain I will continue to praise him for our blessings.
The "My Savior Loves, My Savior Lives" chokes me up every time. "I am not skilled to understand, what God has willed, what God has planned". Yes, I don't understand why all of this has happened to Grady and to us but I know that God has a plan. I was talking to a friend one day and trying to put into words how I feel. I was explaining that I want to have faith that Grady will stay healthy but then if he doesn't what does that mean for my faith? She said, "I don't mean to hurt you but God hasn't promised to keep Grady healthy. He's promised to get you through whatever may come." and those words have stuck with me like glue. I don't understand or know God's plan but I know he loves me and lives in me and that he will get us all through whatever comes.
So, take some time to listen to these two songs and think of Grady and whatever else comes to your mind.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bless His Heart

So, last night Grady's heart seemed to be beating much harder and faster than usual. Let me back up. Back in March, he had a central line put in and one of the side effects that can sometimes happen with that is that it "tickles" the heart and causes an irregular rhythm. Grady's heart got tickled and got in an irregular rhythm. This was a scary time as they brought in the paddles to shock him and everything. Praise God he didn't need that and the meds worked to get the normal rhythm back. Because of this they said that he may have rhythm issues in the future.
Ok, back to last night. He had been playing so when I first felt it (I was giving him his bedtime bottle) I thought he was just worked up. But then I noticed it was much faster and harder than I ever have noticed before. I was a bit worried but since they (docs) hadn't said it was a problem I didn't have anything to DO for him so I let him go to bed as usual.
I called his ped. this morning and he called back. He said if Grady's extrememly fussy during this (he wasn't) or very sweaty (he was slightly sweaty) then we should call him but not to worry otherwise. Well, not "don't worry" but don't get all worked up. We have to keep track of any time this happens. If it starts happening too much (weekly or more) then we'll have to put him on a 24 hour heart monitor and see what's going on.
So, long blog to say, please pray for Grady's heart. He had a heart test or two done duing his hospital stays and all showed normal. Just pray that we don't have more issues with this. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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Not a lot to say.....

Well, let me take that back. I DO have a lot to say and I have notes written about what I want to blog about but I'm just so busy with the kids and work that by the time I get to the computer I can barely check my email and some other sites before I crash into bed!
Things seem to be going well with Grady. Taylor is a major pain in the butt right now. I'm ready for a break from work. Ryan's tired and stressed. We need a little weekend vacation! :) Well, it's 7:45 pm and I'm guessing 8:30 will be about right for bedtime.
Some things I want to write about in the future:
What To Expect for different medical conditions and tests (of course, I'll only be writing about the ones that we've experienced with Grady)
Trying to balance kids, work, home, husband, me
Dealing with a hospitalized child and staying sane
Teacher stuff

Monday, November 3, 2008


Are you kidding me!??!?! I just posted last night that things with Grady are going better and today Juana has to call me because he has a temp of 103.7!!! Ryan took him to dr. and he has ear infections so he's on antibiotics now (again!!) I'll stop saying he's doing well if he's going to get sick everytime I say it!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Taylor's Lipgloss

Taylor and Mommy had a "day out" today. I had a gift card to Walden books that still had some money on it and a JCP coupon that was $10 off of $10 or more so we headed to the mall after Grady went down for a nap. She insisted on riding in the stroller which looked funny but saved a lot of whining. She had picked a couple things at JCP when I realized the coupon expired Saturday! She handled it pretty well though. I found a Macy's return card in my purse that had $7 on it so we headed there. She picked out lipgloss (more on that later). At Walden's she picked out a Disney Princess book with a MagnaDoodle type thing that is supposed to teach her to write her letters. Little do they know how stubborn this child is! She also picked a Little Critter book, "Just Shopping with Mom".

Back to the lipgloss. MIL and FIL will be getting Taylor lipgloss for Christmas but she just HAD to have the stuff she found today. She's worn gloss at Juana's house so I thought she'd be ok with it. I helped her put some on (it's the kind with the applicator brush) and then sent her to put it in her room. I got lunch ready and realized I hadn't seen her since I sent her to put it away. I holler for her to come in the kitchen. She comes in with lipgloss all over her face, a huge chunk of it on her chin, and pink gloss smeared all over her white shirt. I didn't get a picture of that but I did take a picture of the gloss so that you can see how much she applied. I think her words were, "I shorry, it leaked." Um, yeah.

Breathing Easy for Now

Well, after Grady's latest respiratory issue, we're finally down to no breathing treatments and just some medicated nasal spray at night. He's still coughing a bit during the night but it seems to be just during his "wake" cycles and then he calms and goes back to sleep. This is much improved from the coughing/gagging all night we had a couple weeks ago. I need to make a phone call to the pulmonologist to see if we can take his inhaled steroid down to 44mcg or if she wants us to stay at 110mcg. He's almost out of 110mcg so I need to know which type to refill at the pharmacy. Also, need to ask how long she wants us to do the nasal spray. We're only doing it at nightl; stopped the morning dose on Friday and things seem to be going fine. Praying for a much healthier winter this year!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Teacher Rant

Yeah, I'm writing totally unrelated and random stuff. Maybe someday my blog will have direction and purpose but for now it's random thoughts.
You know what makes me mad as a teacher? Well, there's WAY TOO MUCH to list here. The one thing I was thinking about just now is this: I hate when a previous year teacher comes to you and asks, "Well, how's so-and-so doing? Will you be retaining him? He was really close last year, I figure you'll need to this year." Wait a second! If he was so close to being retained last year and you really thought he should have been then you should have done it. Don't pin that on me! And don't act so surprised if so-and-so is doing well in my room. Also, another thing that makes me mad is when a teacher comes to me about a student I had last year and wants to know why I didn't retain said student. Um, because he/she wasn't failing and I can't retain someone without failing grades!
Other things that make me mad as a teacher?
Lack of supplies
MORE paperwork
annoying colleagues
huge classes
crappy furniture for the kids
tests, tests, tests

Ok, I'll stop now. :)