Saturday, November 8, 2008

What to expect with a chest xray

Ok, so, I don't know if this blog comes up when someone searches for something regarding respiratory stuff but I thought I'd type out what to expect if your child is going for a chest xray. I'm starting with the easy stuff first.
* First, have your child in something that's easy on and off if possible. Depending on the xray tech, they may let you keep a shirt on if there are no metal snaps or zippers or anything.
* Usually they will let the parent stay in the room (as long as you aren't pregnant) and they'll have you wear a lead apron to protect you.
* Depending on what the doc has ordered, you and/or the tech will lay the baby/child on the table and position him so that his chest is under the light/camera type thing.
* They will have to take more than one picture usually and usually more than one position to get a good look at the chest/lungs.
* More than likely your child will be upset (especially if it's a younger child/baby) and will usually want to move around. I know it sounds mean but if you'll hold the baby in the position they need him in and keep him from moving things will go quicker and easier. Yes, the baby will be upset but things won't take so long. If he moves too much then they will have to take more pics and this will prolong the experience.
* Once they have determined that they got good pics, they'll have you get the baby dressed.
That's it! Chest xrays are fairly easy!

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