Sunday, November 23, 2008

A good weekend

Taylor, Grady, and I got back home today from a very nice weekend with mom parents and extended family. The kids had a good time and were exhausted. They fell into bed and I'm about to do the same (after I put away a large pile of laundry!)
It's always so nice to spend time with family. Now I get to get through a three day week, then do Thanksgiving, Grady's bday on Friday, then the bday party on Sat., and try to rest on Sunday! Then it's three weeks until Christmas break!!!
It's strange how this weekend I was able to start the "a year ago today" thoughts. There's sooooo many "a year ago today" milestones coming up now. I hope to look back on them as something that God got us all through and made us all stronger. I want all of the thoughts of what has happened in this past year to remind us of how strong we are through our God. It truly is amazing what all our family has been through and how "well" we're all doing.

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