Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not a lot to say.....

Well, let me take that back. I DO have a lot to say and I have notes written about what I want to blog about but I'm just so busy with the kids and work that by the time I get to the computer I can barely check my email and some other sites before I crash into bed!
Things seem to be going well with Grady. Taylor is a major pain in the butt right now. I'm ready for a break from work. Ryan's tired and stressed. We need a little weekend vacation! :) Well, it's 7:45 pm and I'm guessing 8:30 will be about right for bedtime.
Some things I want to write about in the future:
What To Expect for different medical conditions and tests (of course, I'll only be writing about the ones that we've experienced with Grady)
Trying to balance kids, work, home, husband, me
Dealing with a hospitalized child and staying sane
Teacher stuff

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