Sunday, November 2, 2008

Breathing Easy for Now

Well, after Grady's latest respiratory issue, we're finally down to no breathing treatments and just some medicated nasal spray at night. He's still coughing a bit during the night but it seems to be just during his "wake" cycles and then he calms and goes back to sleep. This is much improved from the coughing/gagging all night we had a couple weeks ago. I need to make a phone call to the pulmonologist to see if we can take his inhaled steroid down to 44mcg or if she wants us to stay at 110mcg. He's almost out of 110mcg so I need to know which type to refill at the pharmacy. Also, need to ask how long she wants us to do the nasal spray. We're only doing it at nightl; stopped the morning dose on Friday and things seem to be going fine. Praying for a much healthier winter this year!!

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