Friday, November 14, 2008

No more ads

Well, according to Google Adsense, the clicks on my ads were invalid. So, thanks to those of you who clicked on my ads but I guess they didn't like that I was getting so many clicks so they disabled my account. I was up to about $50! They send a check after $100. I guess I won't be getting that! :)
Anyway, I started this to put the ads on it but now that it's been disabled, I think I'll keep the blog anyway. I don't post every day but I'd like to keep it going.


Rose C said...

That stinks!

Dave said...

I agree with Rose c, It does stink! I know you like to blog, but they said you could make some money at this and we are all willing to do it with you. Any other avenues to pursue? And also, why were the hits invalid?