Saturday, November 8, 2008

He's My Last Baby

I'm feeling all sentimental with Grady. I know it has a lot to do with the fact that he/we have been through sooooooo very much this past almost one year but I think I'd be this way even if he'd not been through so much. He's 99.99% our last baby and I find myself at odds daily getting excited about his milestones but not wanting him to grow up too fast. Part of me also feels like the bigger and stronger he gets maybe the healthier he'll be but I don't want to wish him older. With Taylor I wasn't so sentimental. For example:
* I was determined (and successful) that Taylor would be done with bottles on her first birthday. We threw all bottles away that day and never looked back. Today, I decided that if Grady wants to continue a bottle at nighttime (or anytime) for a little bit longer, that is fine.
* With Taylor, I was thrilled when she started going to sleep on her own and not needing/wanting to rock. With Grady, I try to make him rock even though he'd usually rather just be laid down.
I am so totally in love with my children and I know the definition of "bittersweet" now that I'm a mother. I am so very proud and excited about all of their accomplishments and I think fondly about what the future holds for them but I also feel so very sad to think that one day they won't be my babies anymore. Although, Taylor did tell me the other day that she never wants to grow up because she wants to live with me and Ryan forever. :)


Rose C said...

Aww, your post was bittersweet! I think that's why I'm still nursing..... It's the only time my tot will sit still!

Beth said...

Oh, my! This one really touched me as I, too, remember not wanting my second child to grow up so fast as I realized how quickly it had happened with my first one. Looking back I would have taken more time to read and play and worried less about a clean house. Hearing that, as a mother, you now understand 'bittersweet' makes me realize how much you've grown and matured over the past 3 1/2 years. Your two little ones are blessed to have you as a mom!