Saturday, November 1, 2008

Teacher Rant

Yeah, I'm writing totally unrelated and random stuff. Maybe someday my blog will have direction and purpose but for now it's random thoughts.
You know what makes me mad as a teacher? Well, there's WAY TOO MUCH to list here. The one thing I was thinking about just now is this: I hate when a previous year teacher comes to you and asks, "Well, how's so-and-so doing? Will you be retaining him? He was really close last year, I figure you'll need to this year." Wait a second! If he was so close to being retained last year and you really thought he should have been then you should have done it. Don't pin that on me! And don't act so surprised if so-and-so is doing well in my room. Also, another thing that makes me mad is when a teacher comes to me about a student I had last year and wants to know why I didn't retain said student. Um, because he/she wasn't failing and I can't retain someone without failing grades!
Other things that make me mad as a teacher?
Lack of supplies
MORE paperwork
annoying colleagues
huge classes
crappy furniture for the kids
tests, tests, tests

Ok, I'll stop now. :)


Rose C said...

Frustration heard! So sorry that you are having a hard day!

The Fawleys said...

That is frustrating....I totally understand. HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

I hate those teeny tiny chairs you have to sit in for parent teacher conferences... I have a normal sized ass and I still think I'm going to fall out of them.