Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bless His Heart

So, last night Grady's heart seemed to be beating much harder and faster than usual. Let me back up. Back in March, he had a central line put in and one of the side effects that can sometimes happen with that is that it "tickles" the heart and causes an irregular rhythm. Grady's heart got tickled and got in an irregular rhythm. This was a scary time as they brought in the paddles to shock him and everything. Praise God he didn't need that and the meds worked to get the normal rhythm back. Because of this they said that he may have rhythm issues in the future.
Ok, back to last night. He had been playing so when I first felt it (I was giving him his bedtime bottle) I thought he was just worked up. But then I noticed it was much faster and harder than I ever have noticed before. I was a bit worried but since they (docs) hadn't said it was a problem I didn't have anything to DO for him so I let him go to bed as usual.
I called his ped. this morning and he called back. He said if Grady's extrememly fussy during this (he wasn't) or very sweaty (he was slightly sweaty) then we should call him but not to worry otherwise. Well, not "don't worry" but don't get all worked up. We have to keep track of any time this happens. If it starts happening too much (weekly or more) then we'll have to put him on a 24 hour heart monitor and see what's going on.
So, long blog to say, please pray for Grady's heart. He had a heart test or two done duing his hospital stays and all showed normal. Just pray that we don't have more issues with this. Thanks!


Life with Spirit said...

gotcha. We will be praying.

Beth said...

Yesterday I talked with Mr. Lamiy about what you had noticed with Grady. He says if it continues he would, as an electrophysiologist, recommend Grady see an EP cardiologist rather than just a regular cardiologist and he gave me a name of a good friend of his who works at St. Vincents. So, we have a name if we need one. That made me feel better!