Saturday, November 15, 2008


The link below is just one of many that goes to stories that are reporting on the rise of diseases that were once very much "extinct" thanks to medical advancements. I have a really hard time understanding someone who refuses to vaccinate their child against these diseases. The more research being done, the more we're finding that autism is very likely NOT linked to vaccines. Yes, do your research and decide which vaccines you want to give and when, do a slower schedule if you want, ask for the mercury free vaccines, but don't keep your child from getting a vaccine that could save his/her life or the lives of countless others. I hear people say, "I'm not worried about these diseases; people hardly ever get them anymore." and I want to scream because it's due to the vaccines that people hardly ever get the disease anymore!!!! My children are vaccinated (Grady on a slightly slower schedule due to the hospitalizations) but I don't want them around kids who aren't vaccinated who could possibly expose them to the disease. Grady's not been diagnosed with any kind of immune issues but he's sure made us wonder with how much he comes down with. I would be beside myself if he caught something from an unvaccinated child. I just feel that so much of the suffering could be avoided if people would allow their child to be vaccinated.
Now, obviously, I haven't delved much into the "whys" of not vaccinating. I know there are SOME valid reasons. But, "I just don't want to subject my child to that" (the disease is much worse than a shot!) and, "Those diseases aren't around anymore", and "No one can make me" type arguments just don't fly with me.
Ok, I'm done now! :)

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