Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update on Husband

Ryan had the colonoscopy today. It went as well as expected. The doc is about 99.5% sure it's Crohn's Disease. He took a biopsy and we'll get the final results next week. He's pretty confident there was no cancer. So, we'll go next week to discuss treatment options/meds. The doc seemed pretty upbeat and confident that this could be controlled with meds. So, we're thankful that it's not cancer and that the treatment looks promising.
Please pray for:
Treatment to be successful.
Ryan's state of mind (he's more "down" than usual with this)
Good things to come from this
Us to remember our blessings and continue to give the glory to God.

Ryan's still REALLY groggy tonight. Hoping it wears off soon.


Kristine said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby. My husband also has Crohn's...since the age of 15. It's tough, but some get lucky and find it fairly easy to manage and deal with.

Nicolasa said...

sending healthy vibes your way.

I am glad to hear that the doctor was upbeat about it. That gives me hope and hopefully the two of you hope as well!

Michelle said...

Prayers and HUGS!!!