Monday, July 12, 2010

Please Pray for my sister-in-law, Devon

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I will be sending this out to MANY people so there's a chance you'll get it more than once, sorry. My sister-in-law, Devon (married to my brother, Chad) just had her second baby on July 6. She had an infection that wasn't getting better like it should so they did some further testing and found out she has Acute Myeloid Luekemia (AML). Because of this being a faster growing/somewhat more aggressive leukemia, they have to start treatment today. If she were to not get the treatment she would be given about 30 days. She will get chemo for 7 days and be in the hospital about 30+ days. Today she got her hair cut real short so that it will be easier when it falls out. She got her port put in for the chemo to be given. She'll get the first dose of chemo Tuesday morning. She is not allowed any visitors due to the chemo wiping out her immune system and we have to protect her from infection. That means the hardest part about all of this will be that she had to say good bye to her almost 3 year old, Davus, and her 7 day old baby, Jove today and she won't see them for the 30 days. If she responds to treatment, she has a 90% remission chance and a 50-70% cure chance. We are liking those numbers! While all of this is so very shocking and sad, we know that God had a hand in this. We know God didn't GIVE Devon leukemia but he's working miracles already. If she had Jove and then just went home the leukemia would have progressed but the symptoms would probably have been written off as "you just had a baby, of course you're tired" so we are so very grateful that God showed the infection and the leukemia to the doctors so that they can get a jump on this. Please pray, put Devon (and Chad, Davus, and Jove) on prayer chains, etc. Pray for healing, peace, faith. They are of course in shock, numb, angry, scared, and about every other emotion you can even begin to imagine during all of this. Devon is the most beautiful, precious, spirited, funny, spunky, wonderful person you can ever imagine and I know God will carry her through this. But she needs your prayers more than anything. She can not have visitors, she can't have food/flower/plants (anything with dirt or water) but she CAN have cards and emails.

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Michelle said...

Oh, Mandy, how devastating. WIll be keeping your entire family in prayer.