Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Needing Lots of Prayers for Friends

My heart is heavy right now as I think of those in my life who need prayer.

*Daycare providers young teen daughter is in PICU with RSV complicating her severe asthma. God is great that there's a neighbor near provider's home that will watch my kids and I totally trust.

*Lady at work has a one year-old grandson who is in hospital with respiratory distress, bronchiolitis, and RSV (boy, those names sure hit a nerve with me!)

*A friend of a friend has cancer and it's getting much worse. Friend is afraid that they will lose her soon.

*A colleague/friend at work has cancer that has spread from breast to lungs to brain and now in spine.

Dear God, I just lift all of these people (and the many more that I can't even begin to list here) up to you Lord and ask that you heal and comfort them.

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Low Expectations said...

Sending healthy vibes to those in need and sending my thoughts your way.