Saturday, February 6, 2010

That's what I call customer service!!!

Back in Dec. I bought some Just Kidz brand (Kmart) doodle boards. Great price but they were all defective (I bought 10 for the daycare). I contacted the buyer for this brand, Y. Sagol and he apologized but I didn't expect much more (I had gotten my money all back). Fast forward to today.........
I open the door and have to sign for a package. It's a big box from Hong Kong! In it were doodle boards (12 of them!) plus a projection board (the kind with a light to help the kid trace stuff) and a letter from Soma International Ltd. saying they had fixed the problem with the boards and are sorry for the inconvenience and here are some ... See Morereplacements plus another gift. WOW!! I'm totally impressed! The boards all work so the daycare will get their Christmas gift on Monday. Taylor loves the projection board.WELL DONE Y. Sagol and Soma International Ltd. That's what I call customer service!!!
I won't hesitate to buy from the Just Kidz brand any more!

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The Fawleys said...

That is awesome! Most places won't do that anymore. I am so glad they did!