Sunday, May 24, 2009

Loving Ryan....

As all couples do, Ryan and I have our moments (good and bad) Right now, though, I'm loving him (well, I always do but you know what I mean) Tonight he told me his plan and then called Taylor in the room and asked her if she would like him to come pick her up from daycare at lunchtime on Tuesday (her birthday) and take her to McDs. She was thrilled and skipped away singing, "I get a special day with Daddy!" Awwww, melt my heart!
Tomorrow we're having her birthday party. She's 4 on Tuesday! Seriously, how is that possible!?!?
I wrote her (and Grady) letters when I was pregnant and on their 3,6,9, and 12 month birthdays and then every year. I need to write her 4 year old one but I'm tired tonight and my typing is suffering so I think I'll wait til my fingers are more awake!

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Michelle said...

Gotta love those father daughter moments. So cool that you write the letters. That will mean so much to them.

To answer your ? about the hospital, we took Lillian to KY. Kosair Children's Hospital.