Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Things About Me

This thing is going around email and blogs and Facebook so I thought I'd join in.

1) I love to read but I mostly just like to read romance novels (good ones, not the ones that a third grader could write) but I do enjoy other books (Kite Runner) every now and then.
2) I HATE to do housework and am blessed that my husband enjoys it and does it a lot!
3) I don't mind doing laundry.
4) I'm a teacher but I'd really rather do something out of the classroom at this point. I've been teaching 10 years and I'm feeling the burn out. I want to be in education (I guess...I don't really have the "skills" or "training" for anything else at the moment" but I think I'd like to be out of the classroom for a while at least
5) I HATE talking to new people. Expecially if it's a confident/pretty woman or a really hot guy (but I'd take the hot guy over the hot girl anytime) I get really nervous and feel like I say stupid things
6) I have a horrible habit of not being able to make eye contact with people
7) I absolutely HATE confrontation of any type (especially with coworkers or family members)
8)I love taking pictures but I don't have a fancy camera or any true skills
9) I love TIVO! Thanks to it we get to watch favorite shows even if it's a week later!
10) I have daily, sometimes hourly flashbacks of the 40+ days Grady spent in the hospital
11) I am still self conscious about some things people made fun of me about when I was younger
12) I am totally in love with my two children and would never trade them even when they are driving me insane!
13) I wish that I would have become a nurse or something else (not sure what...)
14) I would rather email or send a card than call someone.
15)I don't make my bed.
16) I hate to be hot or sweaty. I like outside but not if it's hot.

Why don't you post 16 things about yourself on your blog and leave it on my comments as well? :)


Rose said...

Go back to school girl! DO something fun, no time like the present!

Finding Normal said...

I'm so with you on the classroom and desire to do something else in education. This is year 10 for me, and I am burnt out big time. It doesn't help that I've had 2 years in a row of tremendous kid issues. I'm convinced one of my boys (MAJOR problems!) will stab me before the end of the year with a pen shank. It's like teaching in prison, and I'm in a rural school. Can't imagine inner city!
And do you think about the lack of eye contact while you're trying to make it. I think it's a confidence issue for me.
So with you on the card and email. I don't like the phone. So now I just don't answer it.
I adore laundry and am a little OCD about the bed being made. Not sure why.