Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So sick of the coughs!

So Grady had one of his more scary nights last night since we've been home from the hospital. His cough was scaring me so we started his oral steroid. Today it's been better. Praying that the albuterol and Flovent and Orapred help him to sleep well tonight and not cough. Praying that this doesn't settle into pneumonia. Also praying that Taylor's cough doesn't keep her awake all night (and us!)
Pulmonologist is going to check Grady over on Feb 3 to see how he's doing from this latest flare up and then decide if he's well enough to be cleared for the tubes in his ears. Praying he gets over this soon! Poor little guy needs those tubes to get rid of the fluid in his ears that keeps causing the infections and is causing him mild hearing loss.

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