Friday, January 23, 2009

My poor baby!

Grady is running a fever and puking!!! NOT FUN as many of you well know! I better head to bed in hopes of getting SOME sleep.

Taylor is healing from the strep.

ENT put Grady on 14days of augmentin. Said there's so much heavy thick fluid in his ears that he'd never be able to be off antibiotics without getting infections. So, once pulmonologist clears him for the tubes we'll have the procedure done (hoping within the next two weeks) He has a mild hearing loss from the fluid that should fix itself once the tubes are in.

So, are there stocks in antibiotics?? I need to look into that! Between my two lately I'd have quite the little $ bundle built up! :)


Finding Normal said...

UGH! Addison's on her third and fourth (in one ear) set of tubes. They just don't work. She still gets infections. I guess it's her anatomy--tiny ear canals.
She's on 2 antibiotics full time for kidney reflux and acid reflux, but they're so low dose that they don't prevent ear infections. The only thing we've found to work is to do a vinegar (rx) flush and follow with ceptra drops as soon as I see any signs (or smells since that's usually sign #1) of infection.
Good luck! Hope all will be well ASAP!

Lori said...

hope they can help him soon!