Monday, January 5, 2009

Just complaining!

First, I have to say that going back today wasn't TOO bad (I'm a teacher and school started back today) and it's one day closer to summer break. However, I hate that the two hours I had with my kids tonight were gone in a blink and now it's time for me to crash into bed!
So, Grady's on his I don't know what # of antibiotics for another double ear infection (ENT on 23rd about this) and we're doing every 4 hour breathing treatments to stay on top of his chest/breathing junk. We've finally got him sleeping without all night coughing. He's getting 4 molars and another tooth right now. He's going to be on amoxicillin basically until the ENT appt. in hopes of keeping the infections away. He eats yogurt. Anything else I can do to offset the bad part of being on antibiotics so much? Anything cheap?
Now Taylor has a cough that's been off and on for about 3 wks but now it's worse and last night she coughed so long and hard that she puked. Delsym wouldn't even stop it. Today the ped called in a script for a cough medication and I got her to take some of Grady's albuterol and Flovent (bad, I know, but it helped and it's a dose for Grady's size so I don't think it's going to hurt her) She's coughing a little bit in bed right now but nothing like last night. Then today she tells Juana (dcp) that her ear hurts (told her the right ear two different times) but tonight no complaints and no fever or anything. She's only had one ear infection ever so this is new for her. Maybe she caught it from Grady HA! May have to call dr. again tomorrow and set up a appt. if ear continues or if the cough isn't helped by the prescript. cough med.
Ok, just needed to complain! I'm ready for no snotty noses, no ear infections, no teething, no coughs, no fevers!!!


Lori said...

poor kiddos... poor mommy! hope everyone feels better soon and hope your first week back goes smoothly

Rachel said...

I agree - the time in the evening with our kids is way too short...I spend 7 hours with other people's kids and only 2 - 3 with my own. Stinks! But gotta make a living, right? Anyway, counting down the days to summer vacation with you.