Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Last year we spent Easter on the third floor in Riley. This year is much better. I wish we could all 4 go to church tomorrow but an Easter morning nursery is like one huge petri dish and we try to keep Grady away from that for now so I'll take Taylor to church and Ryan will stay home with Grady.
I am the Mother of the Year and forgot to take a basket to today's egg hunt and forgot my camera too. Luckily they had extra baskets and there weren't any huge moments that I missed getting on film/video. Taylor had fun hunting eggs, getting her face painted, doing crafts, jumping in the bounce house, and eating lunch. She wasn't thrilled with her mostly chocolate candy (she likes gum and suckers) but Ryan and I enjoyed it! :)
She and Grady will get Easter baskets tomorrow after church. It's been neat this year to hear Taylor talk about the real reason we celebrate Easter. She still likes the treats but can at least know this year that it's all about celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection. Happy Easter!

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Finding Normal said...

I was worried about having a very Riley Easter this year after Addison had major coughing a few days ago, but it cleared up. YAY!

Our egg hunt lasted approximately 3 minutes. We were back in the car 10 minutes later. Sounds like we got jipped given all the fun stuff you guys had afterwards!

Happy Easter!