Sunday, April 26, 2009

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about my kids mostly.....

Grady LOVES to play outside so this weather has been great for him lately. However, the not so great part has been the seasonal allergies. He's on Loratidine (Claratin) and it seems to have made things a smidge better but he goes outside and then that night/next day has massive runny nose and "allergy" eyes. The runny nose has settled in his chest and he's majorly junky but he's not coughing much (I started albuterol right away in hope of keeping the cough at bay). Reminder: a cough isn't bad in most people and it's ok for Grady to cough some, it's just that if he gets a cough and then things get inflammed and airways constricted then we have a problem. Sooooo hoping he grows out of this asthma/allergy stuff.
On a lighter note, when he's afraid of something or doesn't like something he makes this frowny face and goes "ooohhhhh". Then he throws the item, or kicks at it, or smacks at it, or backs away from it. It's quite funny to watch. He did it with grapes and a pickle the other day. Taylor's got a couple toys that freak him out too! :)

Taylor and I went to the symphony today. Before I tell you about her day at the symphony, did I remember to tell these two things? 1) One day when she realized she had lost her hair bow she told me, "Mom, I have to tell you the trufe, I lost it" 2) She shut the door when going potty one day and told me that she just needed some privacy from Grady. Lord, do I know the feeling! :)

Ok, so Taylor is exactly 3 years 11 months old today and I took her to the symphony (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at the Hilbert Circle Theater) today to see Cinderella. It was done with the orchestra, puppets, actors/actresses. We got there and scored $3 parking--woohoo! Then we went in and got to see some ballerinas and meet one of the orchestra members (Roger Roe, oboe). Taylor made a little wooden flower "puppet". We headed to the bathroom before finding our seats. (Taylor was upset that the balloons were just decoration and couldn't understand why she couldn't take one into the theater). We were up in the very top balcony so we headed up and were lead to our seats. All of the sudden, on the stairs while waiting for someone to sit down in our row ahead of us, Taylor freezes and won't move (no matter how much I prod) Come to find out she's freaking out about being scared and so high up. Huh, who would have thought it. Totally took me off guard. Anyway, we sit down and watch the musicians warm up. A bald guy sits in front of her so we switch places. Cute to see her sit in the seats because she's not big enough to weigh the seat down completely so her little legs sort of fly up. Anyway, they start playing music and she's into it for about 1 minute then starts to complain that she doesn't see Cinderella. Now, I'm guessing at an adult centered symphony, the conductor doesn't talk to the crowd (I am usually only at kid centered ones with my class or my child) but the conductor talks to us about the songs they are playing and says after a few more songs Cinderella will start. Taylor's terribly impressed with the spot light which happens to be directly behind us (I'm surprised she's not blind from turning to stare at it so much). Luckily the puppets/actors come out because she was getting antsy. Anyway, right at a quiet beginning moment (she's on my lap at this point) she toots so loud I think they heard it on stage. Thank goodness it was dark and no one could see how red I was! (Later, when I was telling Ryan about it Taylor cracked up and said, "I bet everyone heard it!" We talked about how we should try to NOT toot loudly in that type of public place.) So we watched the show (I had to explain a lot to her since there were no words) and she was a bit put out that it didn't follow the movie exactly. She kept watching this guy to our left and holding her hands up by her chin the way he was, it was cute. At the end we got to go down and see the cast/puppets (these were the type that are full body size and the puppeteers hold them up and move them around with their own body--I don't think I'd ever seen them up close and boy do they look super heavy!) Anyway, they asked for questions and Taylor raised her hand. Before they got to her I asked what her question was going to be (in case you wonder why I would censor her, please remember that recently she told a complete stranger in Wendy's, "I've had two poops today. First one poop, then another poop.") So, she tells me that her question is, "I have a daddy and a brother." She was miffed that I wouldn't let her TELL that question. I know, I know, what a party pooper I am!
So we left and got vanilla milkshakes on the way home (which Taylor shared with Grady once we got home--she's so sweet to him usually) She said she liked the symphony and wants to know when we're going back. She loved the symphony tatoo that she got in her goodie bag. Grady loved the harmonica (now that we have two harmonicas maybe we can start a road show!).
So, that was our day at the symphony. We'll definitely do it again sometime!

Here's us before leaving. Grady wanted in the picture but was angry at Taylor about something.

These are the sunglasses that Taylor made at her church pj party with Grandma R last night. She's so proud of them! (Ignore the turned over video chair in the's being used to keep Grady out of the cabinets!)

Please say prayers for Stellan. Please also pray for sweet Kayleigh and her parents as they face some even rougher times than the last 10 months.


Michelle said...

LOVE the symphony!! Sounds like she enjoyed it. Catch the Christmas program if you never have, it's awesome!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

sounds like she had a great time!!!