Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taylor has become chatty

Taylor has always been very talkative at home but until recently she usually shied away if people in public talked to her. Well, now she's starting the conversations with people. She usually tells them that she has gum in her mouth or that she has gum at her house. Well, I had to laugh today. I took the kids to Wendy's and then to see Ryan at his work. In line at Wendy's Taylor said hi to an older lady and then said something that I didn't totally catch but thought she said poop. The lady asked her how old she was and after that part Taylor repeated what she had originally said. "I've had two poops today. First one poop then another poop!" I had to tell her later that we can talk about poop at home but we shouldn't talk to strangers about it. :lol:


Lori said...

that is too funny

Michelle said...

That is funny...when my oldest was not even 18 months old she could hold a conversation with you pretty well. I think she was about 2 1/2 when she told a woman at church that "her Mommy has hair on her crotch" and bounced away like nobody's business....ugh. It only gets better!!!