Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grady is puny

He sees Dr. Gutt at St. Francis (sorry, that's in answer to Michelle's question I think).
He was really clingy and just didn't act his normal self today. Fever broke through off and on all day. A lot of times he vomits with a fever so I try to keep it down with Motrin even though I know fevers can help the body fight the bug. He also gets gaggy/vomity when he's coughing. We've got Loratidine (sp? it's for seasonal allergies) to try to see if this cough/post nasal drip thing is allergy related. He's doing the ear drops too (which he HATES). Hopefully tomorrow is much better! If not, we'll be headed to the pediatrician. I'd like to avoid a trip to Riley if possible.

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