Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some more randomness

First, if you read my thoughts below about "answered prayers", here's a good link about that same topic. Thanks Brent Riggs !

Second, can someone tell me why clothing companies will make pants/jeans size 2T and up with an adjustable waist but the exact same jean/pant in a 12month or 18month size has no adjustable waist? When Taylor was little bity she was super short (she's still on the shorter side but has grown a lot) and she needed short pants but bigger waists. Grady on the other hand is in need of longer pants but a smaller waist. I've been looking for 18 month pants/jeans with adjustable waistbands and all I can find with adjustable waists are 2T and up. Why is this?

Third, it annoys me when I get a magazine in the mail (you know the kind geared towards parents and parenting and children, etc) and they have these articles about "Fabulous Snacks Your Kids Will LOVE" and "How to get your child to eat her veggies" and "How to sneak healthy food into your child's favorites". I've yet to read one of those articles that uses foods my kid will actually eat. I've yet to read one that has a tip that I haven't already tried. I've yet to read one where they are sneaking healthy food into a food my kid likes. Oh, and I once saw a Rachel Ray show where she was making "kid friendly" foods and she guaranteed that putting different types of gravy or sauces on foods will make a kid eat almost anything. Um, sure. My kid would run from here to Indy and back before she'd eat a gravy or a sauce.

Fourth, I love my husband dearly. However, (and I know I should just be thankful and stop complaining), when he "helps" and does the laundry why do I not feel helped? He leaves the load in the dryer (and usually forgets to tell me about it) and just leaves the kids clean clothes in piles for me to fold and put away. Um, thanks? I know, I know, just be thankful for the effort made. Shame on me.

Fifth, what did I do without kids? They've been gone all weekend and I miss them like crazy! Yeah, I went shopping and we ate out but what did we do when we didn't have kids? Must have been pretty boring!

Here are some pics from St. Patrick's Day. Obviously the kids were very cooperative. Not.


Lori said...

I so hear you about getting kids to eat... Blake won't eat anything that people say kids will always eat... always is always the wrong word!

All these B's and Me! said...

We live by adjustable waste bands! If they don't have them - we will not buy them. :o)