Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ear infection with tubes?

Anyone know if an ear infections with tubes can still hurt? I know Grady's ears are bothering him. The ENT said we'd see drainage (which I do) but that there won't be a fever. He's got a fever so something else must be up. We've started the drops for his ears.

Grady definitely doesn't feel well. Guess it's good that we had no plans for Spring Break!


Lori said...

hope the drops help and he starts to feel lots better and soon

Michelle said...

Lillian continues to have ear infections with fever and vomiting and pain. Yes, I believe that could be causing it all. I mean like we've been through it more times than I can count. He may need an extra oral antibiotic if his fever doesn't get better. What is with the crazy doctors? Sometimes I just don't get it? Does he see Dr. Matt?

Finding Normal said...

Addison gets infections, even with her tubes. As soon as I smell stinky ears or she starts grinding her teeth (her ONE sign of being in pain), I start the drops. That usually knocks them out, but we have needed an occasional oral antibiotic. She doesn't get fever or vomiting with it though.
Hope your break doesn't suck as much as mine did!

Kristine said...

I had tubes when I was a kid and I still had wicked ear infections with LOTS o'pain!!

They helped, but didn't make it all go away...THAT would be TOO easy! :)