Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Share with me......

I read maybe 15 or so blogs. Please share with me some of your favorites that you read (and why you like them) Thanks!


Finding Normal said...

I'm far too lazy to type in all of the addresses. Most of them will be in my profile, so click thru there.
I read the John Deere Mom because she's my IRL BFF and teaches across the hall from me. And her kids are hilarious. As is she.
Surviving It All is another real life friend.
I love Lizzy, Sunshine and Lemonade, Mama Kat, and Ravings of a Mad Housewive because they all make me laugh.
I just started reading a few food blogs for recipe ideas. Of course I love the Pioneer Woman for her recipes. And amazing lodge.
Then I have my special needs mama blogs. A is for Aiden. A New Kind of Normal. I know I'm forgetting a bunch!
What, are you trying to get MORE addicted? Don't! It really cuts into the reading time.
Speaking of which, if you're into kiddie lit, I just started Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech (love her!) and it's EXCELLENT!

Lori said...

hmmm this is harder than it sounds. I read a lot of blogs, so to pick and choose which ones I like the best is hard. I read a lot of mom blogs and many are/were teachers. When I first started blogging and wanted to build my readership as well as blogs I read, I would click on the people who commented on the blogs I read and check out there blog. Read 2-3 posts and see what you think and go from there.