Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not much going on

Here's a random list of random things happening around here:
* Grady and Taylor fussing at each other constantly (mostly her at him) for "touching my things". Get used to it sweetie!
* LONGING for Spring Break!
* So very tired of school and political crap in said school.
* So tired of test prepping my kids!
* Grady's picking up more and more words/sounds. YAY!
* We're healthy right now. We'll take it! Last year we were still in the hospital. What a difference a year can make.
* Taylor's going to be 4 in May. Can't believe it!!!
* So irritated with State Superintendent's idea to make the school year longer. Irritated with no contract (still! Been 2 almost 3 years now) Irritated with more and more to do and less and less money and support to do it with.
* Excited that the kids get to spend the night with their grandparents this weekend and then their other grandparents next weekend.
* Excited that my mom and I might go to San Francisco this summer. Been there once and loved it.
* Excited that next Spring Break my parents are taking the four of us with them to FL for Disney, the beach, and maybe SeaWorld.
* Feeling so very very blessed with the fact that we have jobs, a home, cars, food, insurance, health, family, friends, love.
*Been wondering about this:
I was asking for prayers for Grady not long ago. He did very well with the "clearance appt" and then got his tubes and all went well. The prayers worked. Or did they? Would that have happened even without the prayers? What if we had all prayed yet things didn't go well. Did we not pray right? enough? Did God not want things to go well? Just some ponderings I've had and would like your take on.
* Thinking about and praying for dear Maddy who is in the hospital and her parents as they take in the news and learn about her new daily life.
* Praying for all the sick kids I read about.
* I'm jealous that Ryan gets to stay home and spend the day with the kids tomorrow and I have to go to school.
* Drinking a sweet tea from McDs. Love it.
* Angry with myself for emotional eating. Like, name an emotion, I can think of a reason to eat!

That's about it. Off to read the blogs I follow!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I think that germs is yet another reason, I should have remembered that one! It is top of my list on why I dont take Alex around a room full of snotty kids! Thanks for your comment, and for the brent riggs idea, I have heard of him, maybe I will try that:)