Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's a Comedian!

Last week Taylor and I had a particularly rough evening. During this evening she was even whinier than her usual whiney self and I seriously wondered if one could die from listening to whine all evening. As I was putting her to bed and we were saying prayers, she looked me straight in the eye and said (in total seriousness), "I sure hope that your attitude is better in the morning." Um, yeah, it was MY attitude that made the evening less than enjoyable. :)

Last night I was saying prayers for us, my kids, our family and friends, the sick children I know about and their families, etc. At the end of my prayers I, rather selfishly, added, "And if I could sleep in until about 7:30 tomorrow morning that would be awesome." Well, God obviously wanted to remind me that he has a sense of humor. Taylor got up at 3 am to tell me her pjs were itchy (this was an that she knows I don't want her getting up to pee if possible she makes up reasons to get up and then just "happens" to need to go pee too.....don't get me wrong, I know if she needs to pee she needs to pee. It's just that I've seen her SEVERAL, SEVERAL times go an entire night without needing to pee so I know she can do it) Then at 5:50 she woke up to tell me that she was hungry and would like some fruit snacks. MOTY (mother of the year) that I am, I stumbled to the kitchen, put some fruit snacks in a bowl, and led her back to her bed. I told her that Mommy and Daddy really wanted to keep sleeping so I wanted her to stay in bed. 6:20 am she comes in and informs me she needs to poop (her funny comment is coming....) So she goes in my bathroom (I stay in bed) and poops and then calls for me. I stumble in the bathroom. As I'm wiping her she says, "I know you didn't want me to get back up or wake you up but I needed to poop and it's your 'sponsibility to wipe me when I poop." How can you argue with that???

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CFlover said...

Hahaha she seems so funny!!

Im Kellee a CF wife blogger and just saw ypur blog and wanted to say HI =)