Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I need your help!

I'm in charge of an upcoming blood drive at my school (where I teach 4th grade). My biggest job in the beginning will be to get the staff on board so that they, in turn, will get their students and the students' parents excited and willing to participate. I'll be doing a Power Point presentation in which I show pictures of Grady when he was so sick and needed his blood transfusion in order to survive. I'm hoping to really tug at some heart strings here! :) But, I'd like to end my presentation with some other "faces" to make this all the more real to the staff. Here's what I'm needing.
1) Have YOU or anyone you know ever needed blood? For surgery? During illness?
2) I'd like to have a picture of you or that person. Picture only would be fine. If you want to include a first name to make it more personal to the staff, I'll include first names only. I want them to see the faces of people who have benefitted from others being willing to donate blood.
3) You can email the picture to me at amandarouse31@hotmail.com
4) Of course, you probably would want to have permission from the person (if it's not you) in order to send me this photo.
5) I will be grateful to you and your help should lead to MANY others helping by donating their blood!
6) I don't have many followers so would you help by passing this along to those you know who may be able to help?


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