Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Stuff

Grady pooped on the potty today! Not that I have any thoughts of this being the beginning of potty training (I don't think we'll even think about it until next summer--2 1/2--) but I was proud of him!

Taylor has gotten up to pee the past two nights. This isn't unusual but she has peed and then WALKED BACK TO HER ROOM BY HERSELF WITHOUT ME CARRYING HER!! This IS a BIG DEAL!!! She comes in, tells me she's going to pee, wipes herself, and then walks back to bed!!! Yay! True, she's still waking me, but at least she's just going back to bed and not making me carry her/walk her back!

Taylor's 4 year old fits/attitude are about to drive me insane. How can she be so sweet/thoughtful/kind/smart and then turn into a screaming/crying/arm flailing mess in the next second??

My family is coming to the zoo today. The zoo is about 20 minutes from me. I'm not sad to be missing the zoo but I'm sad that my family can't come over and see the kids and me for a while. They have 2 hour drive and work this evening so I understand, but it still makes me sad that they'll be here and I won't get to see them.

I've got the windows open and it feels awesome! The kids and I will probably not make it outside for a while, maybe not until after naptime. Everything is wet from rain/dew. I so wish we had a fence to keep them in. I could do the work I need to do and let them out to play. As it is, I have to keep an eagle eye on Grady because he bolts!

Speaking of work, I am planning on cleaning/organizing the drawers in the kitchen and my bedroom. Should be loads of fun! :) Better get to it!

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