Wednesday, July 1, 2009

San Francisco

I recently went on a trip with my mom and sister-in-law to San Francisco. Thanks Mom for a great trip! We had a really good time! It was Gay Pride Weekend in SF; we didn't realize this until we got there. Made for some interesting times!
Here is Devon posing in front of some gorgeous sunflowers. There was a wonderful Farmers Market down on the wharf that sold all sorts of fruits, veggies, flowers, etc. I would LOVE to have something like that close to me! We visited the Muir Woods red wood forest. That was a crazy drive up the mountain on a tour bus! These trees are gorgeous!!

Here was one of the entries in the Gay Pride parade. We sort of wish now that we would have made plans to get a spot and watch the parade. I think it would have been interesting to say the least. Our tour guide said there was some nudity!

A cable car. There's not many left in SF but they sure are neat to ride up and down those massive hills!

A good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. See the fog coming in under it? We were lucky to have some wonderfully clear days.
"The Seven Sisters" is a row of houses that you usually see representing homes in SF. These homes were on the opening of Full House too. These are some of the only originals remaining after the 1906 earthquake because of the massive fires that resulted from the quake. We got to go in the one on the far left. NEAT!

Chinatown. What a neat experience to get to cross a street and be in a totally different culture! We also saw black chicken meat!

Alcatraz--"The Rock".
Sea lions at Pier 39 (I think that was the pier #). No one knows for sure why they started coming here. They started coming in to the pier after the big 1989 earthquake.

Walking on the wharf you can get all sorts of fresh seafood. Crab anyone?

Due to the weekend, this flag was flying a lot. I also saw it flying with the CA flag and US flag. Don't know if it always flies or if it was just for this weekend. I saw 2-3 cross dressers too but couldn't bring myself to be so touristy as to take a picture of them.
The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train. We've decided we're glad not to have to rely on public transportation. BART wasn't bad but the MUNI (busses, cable cars, street cars) weren't reliable at all schedule wise.

One of our flights (from Chicago to SF) had us on this massive plane. It had a stairway!!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. what a fun trip

Kristine said...

Oh, it's looks like you had a blast!! I'm so jealous. :) I LOVE SF. Been a number of times for work before having Katie. It is one of the few places that I'd like to live.