Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Proof that I can have fun.....

or at least let my kids have fun!
I'm not one for outside. Well, I like a nice breeze and warm air and sitting on the deck to read. I don't like sweat or bugs or heat. Hence, I don't love going outside with the kids. BUT, they LOVE IT!!! So, yesterday, I was cleaning drawers in the kitchen and bedroom all day so I let them open the windows to get that outside feel and pull all the couch cushions off (8 of them) and build/climb with them.
Today, since I know I'll be at an all day meeting tomorrow and it isn't terribly hot out, I let them go out. Since we still have to nap/rest, I steered them onto the deck and away from the sand table! We started with bubble snake blowers. Fun stuff!
See it here
Then, since Taylor was having fun "washing" with the bubble snakes, I let them "wash" the play house and water table and slide and glass door with shaving cream.
Then I let them draw on the glass door with dry erase markers.

Finally I let them just play in their water table (and make a ramp with the slide for their cars).

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like they had fun and the porch got clean at the same time... what is better than that?