Saturday, July 18, 2009

So many emotions

Frustration: As Grady cried out through the night for no apparent reason. I got little sleep. Ryan got little sleep (and he had to be at work early for the big back to school sale!)

Pride/Love/Happiness: As Taylor and Grady played dinosaurs together in her room. They are getting closer and closer to being able to just play together. They were so stinkin' sweet to listen to and watch.

Fear/Sadness/Anxiety/Excitement: As the kids and I walked by Back to School stuff at Target and I realized (not for the first time, but it hit me harder this time) that next year at this time it will be ME buying school supplies (and not for my classroom!) for my daughter who will be heading to Kindergarten. It's just not possible.

Sadness/Despair/Anxiety: As I realize that I have less than a month before I have to be back to full time work. I love my summers with my kids but they go so stinkin' fast!! But, as I'm home and growing more and more impatient most days, I realize that me being a SAHM isn't the best option (and not just because we'd lose our house!) I LOVE my kids but I don't think I'm made to be home with them 100% of the time! I guess I've got the best of both worlds as a teacher.

Excitement: As Ryan's big Back to School sale started today I wished to be there. I always want to be there to see/feel the excitement of the teachers as they get ready to head back to school. He called a while ago and said that customers were lined up already waiting to get in!! Amazing! Hope sales are good sweetie!

Contentment: As I sit here with the windows open and feel the cool breeze (it's only going to be like 70 degrees today IN JULY!! We're usually in the 90s with 100s from the humidity) Ryan hates the windows to be opened but I just couldn't pass it up. Taylor just told me, "I love to feel the breeze!" Awwww.

Relief: As I think about how sick Grady was and how very healthy he's been this year it makes me sigh with relief. We will start his Flovent back up on Aug. 1 for the duration of the Fall and Winter and probably Spring but we'll stop his Zyrtec in the Winter.

Anticipation: As I think of the meetings/outings/appointments/projects/etc. coming up I feel a flutter of anxiety and anticipation.

Nervousness/Pride: As I think of how proud I am of a project that should be great for our school and it will help countless others in the process. I'm nervous, hoping it all goes well.

Nervous/Apprehensive: As I think about the fact that I'm getting a student teacher this year. I had one in 2004 and it was HORRIBLE so I'm concerned about this one already! :)

Sadness: As I think of a girl who lost her husband recently in a car accident. He left his wife and two boys who are the same ages as my two children.

Wow, how's that for emotions that run all over the place?

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