Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,When you bring gifts for my children this year, would you mind dropping a few things off for me as well? I'd really appreciate it (I've been a good girl most of the year) I'd like you to bring me:
- weekends that last longer than a blink of the eye
- naps on the weekends (for the kids and me!)
- time to go shopping without the stroller and carseats and hats and gloves and sippies and snacks and diaper bag and sanitizing wipes and toys
- jeans that fit and make me look decent- clothes (other than my school/work uniform) that fit and look nice
- time to just sit with a cup of tea and read a book (and the time after the kids are in bed doesn't count, I'm too darn tired then!)
- money that is to ONLY be used for me! I would try to buy the kids something though, I know I would!
- a person to cook dinner and clean up the dishes every day (or once or twice a week even!)
- laundry person (I don't mind the washing, I just need someone to fold, sort, and put it all away!)
- a date night--dinner, theater movie (haven't been to one since before Taylor you know!)
- time and money to go get a haircut- time and money for a massage!
- a pill that will make me lose 20 pounds and keep it off but I can keep shoving food in my face the way I am now

Santa, of course, all I really want is happy and healthy children and family and friends. I want to live life to its fullest and see happiness in my kids' eyes. BUT-- if you're looking for things to bring me, you may use the above list as reference! :)

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