Monday, December 22, 2008

What a weekend

Last Sat/Sun (13/14th) I had the stomach flu. I pass out when I puke so I passed out and smashed my nose on the floor. I'm pretty sure it's broken. If not broken then at least massively sore and bruised.
Skip ahead to this weekend. We were to celebrate Christmas with my family. My parents came to get the kids on Friday and we would head to their house on Sat. Well, Grady decided to get another double ear infection (mind you, he just had a double one on the 2nd and finished his antibiotics on the 11th) So my parents took him to the ped (thank you mom and dad!) and confirmed the ear infections and got him yet another antibiotic (and a referral to an ENT for tubes!)
Anyway, things were going very well on Friday. Then Taylor woke up Sat. am with vomiting and diarhea at 4am! She puked all day and then finally around 5pm seemed better. Since I had already had it we were just worried about Grady. Ryan seems to have missed it. Grady seems to have missed it. Bad news is, both my parents have it now and they are miserable! They were supposed to take me and the kids home today but they obviously can't do that now. They can barely get out of bed. Good news is that they seem to be done puking, I think they are on the "long sleep" part and should be feeling better tomorrow I hope. So, Ryan is coming to get me and the kids. Since my parents already have it and Grady's not showing signs, I'm praying he's not getting it. In hindsight, on the 2nd when he had the double ear infection, he puked a lot of the night but ped chalked it up to his high fever. He had diarhea but I chalked that up to the antibiotic. Looking back, I'm wondering if he had the stomach bug then!
Anyway, we had a very nice Christmas with my parents. Sadly, we missed seeing my brother and SIL and nephew and my Mamaw (they stayed away from the sickos!) The kids got so much stuff and enjoyed their time with my parents so much. Grandma helped Taylor make cookies and Taylor did almost all of the mixing and rolling and cutting and icing! She had such a nice time.
Even though this hasn't been the best weekend we've had a good time and I'll take it over last year any time! (Last year on Christmas Eve I started having gallbladder problems and ended the week with an emergency gallbladder removal. Plus Ryan was getting over an upper respiratory infection and Grady had bronchiolitis and then it went downhill from there! Maybe this year is the end of it all?)

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness - you lost me at the beginning when you said that you pass out when you vomit. Good grief - that is horrible.

I hope everyone is feeling better!