Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How's this for profound!?!?!

Here's some profound writing for you (see previous post)
That was beautiful, huh?

Woke at daycare with 103 temp and screaming. I got the call as I was leaving school so I rushed to get him (while calling dr. and praying for an appt.) and got him back to the doctor (they usually try to get him in with his history). Double ear infection. So we're on augmentin for 10 days. Bring on the poop! Hope to avoid the rash! He's fitfully sleeping right now with a dose of Tylenol and his first dose of augmentin. Here's to a restful night.

Oh, and let's see how profound I'm feeling when I have to get us all up and ready so I can get to a 7:45 staff meeting (in which I have to make a presentation, yippee skippee! Note, that was sarcasm.)

Good night all! Prayers for Grady's ears to heal and nothing else to start up (respiratory stuff). Oh, and we'll probably be seeing a ENT soon about tubes. Maybe before 2009? That would be a nice end to this whirlwind of 2008.


Rose C said...

Oh I am so sorry! Poor Grady!

All these B's and Me! said...

There is something for you on my blog! :o) Merry Christmas!