Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nothing Profound

I read other blogs and I am captivated by the richness of their writing. They have a beautiful way of saying things. I think I have too much "newspaper" in me, my writing doesn't seem to flow as beautifully as others. I do more reporting.
I wish I had profound things to write about. During the day I think of things that I should write but since I'm teaching I can't just sit down and write them. Then by the time I get my kids, get home, fix supper, clean up, do baths, and bed, I'm exhausted and those profound things that had popped into my head during the day are sound asleep in my foggy brain.
One thing I'd like to write about is that teachers don't have "easy" jobs. Someone told me one day, "well, at least your job isn't hard" and I about bopped them on the head. Anyone is welcome to come do my job for an average week (and do it well!!) and then tell me it's not hard. Here's my typical day (not that it's "harder" than anyone else's job, but it's not EASY):
* Up at 5-5:30 am (after being up at least once in the night for Taylor's potty break!)
* Get the kids up around 6:15am
* Out the door around 7-7:15 am (unless I have a staff meeting then I have to leave earlier)
* Husband usually takes kids to daycare but some days I take them
* At school by about 7:45-8:15 depending on the day
* Prepare lessons, homework, room for the day. Attend planned or impromtu meetings.
* Use the bathroom (this is important since I can't go again for a few hours!)
* Students arrive at 9:05am
* Full time teacher, mother, babysitter, secretary, nurse, counselor from 9:05-11:30
* 30 min break at 11:30 (which is actually a 20 min break by the time you get the kids to their special class and go to the bathroom)
* Full time teacher, mother, babysitter, secretary, nurse, counselor from 12-12:40
* My lunch is 40 min but some days that's only 20 min due to recess duty. I also have to work on paperwork, make copies, call parents, check on issues in the office so I usually shove a lunch in my mouth in about 20 min and then take a quick restroom break
* Full time teacher, mother, babysitter, secretary, nurse, counselor from 1:20-3:50
* Dismissal at 3:50 then I leave school at 4:05
* At daycare by 4:35, home by about 5pm
* Supper usually over around 6 pm and we start clean up and baths
* Grady's ready for bed at 7pm and then Taylor follows around 7:15-7:30.
* I finish dishes, do any small school stuff I brought home, check email, try to spend some time with husband, unwind, and then crash into bed
I feel like I'm "on" all day. WHEW!
Anyway, I'm not saying it's the hardest job in the world. It's not all that physically demanding but it's mentally and emotionally demanding to be the sole person in charge of (at last count) 27 innercity 4th graders who all bring huge loads of issues with them to school.
Well, it's time to stop wasting time and get my day started!!

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The White Family said...

I love your writing by the way! You SO do not have a easy job. I'm a working mother of two small kids as well and I know your pain. It's so hard to get all you need done and still have time for you.

I wish my hubby would take the kids to their sitters (two different places) but I take and pick them up and have to be at work at 7:30am. Mornings are so hectic at my house.

When I think of a good blog idea I write it down or send myself a email. Much harder for you to do b/c your teaching and can't really sit down and write yourself a note. Hell, I've even jotted a subject down on the top of my hand like a child so I won't forget, lol.

Hope you have a great day!! :o)