Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doing some preschool

As a teacher, I of course try to keep up with what Taylor needs to know to enter Kindergarten (although, I find myself focusing on a lot of 4th grade skills since that's what I teach! HA!) I'm beyond thrilled that my daycare provider and friend is going to start trying to do some preschool stuff with the kids (she used to do this but had stopped due to some other things going on) Now that she's got a daughter who's entering K next year she really wants to do preschool stuff two days a week with her K daughter, and the other 3 preschool kids there (Taylor included!) So, I made some copies for her and bought them some books. They'll work on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, days of week, months of year, counting, etc. Taylor is good at recognizing colors and shapes (as you'll see in some scanned pics of today's work we need some practice on actual coloring!!) I don't plan to scan every preschool paper (although I do plan to save them!) but I scanned these. I'll be doing preschool with her once or twice a week this summer too. I know she's smart and I know she'll learn quickly in K but I also know that there's a ton of stuff I want her to be prepared for and this preschool exposure will help! YAY! Oh, and that's her name written by her (except for the y, she still needs help on it)


Rose said...

Big girl!

Kristine said...

Hi there - How is Grady doing? Hope he feels ALL better!