Saturday, February 7, 2009

We'll try it

So, I got some PediaSure and Carnation Instant Breakfast tonight at Walmart. I mixed some PediaSure with his milk before bed. He drank a normal amount. I was worried he wouldn't like it but he seemed ok with it. We'll keep trying to add a few calories here and there and hope to put on a little weight by the 25th!
He already drinks whole milk and likes the drinkable yogurts. He eats a lot of cheese and pudding too.
I tried to get him to eat pbj today but it was a no go. Taylor won't eat it either. I long for a day when lunch can just be pbjs!


Lori said...

Blake won't get pb & j, but he will eat pb by the spoonful. you could always try that

Finding Normal said...

Try a taste of that Pediasure--it's good! Tastes very sweet, but sort of like a sugar cookie. I think any kid would love that!
Good luck! Addison's doing better with her weight since starting the pediasure and a couple of new GI meds to actually KEEP it all down!