Sunday, February 22, 2009

A good weekend

We've had a good weekend. Ryan was with the kids on Friday, I had them Saturday while he worked, then we were all home today. I took Taylor to church (still keeping Grady out of the nursery for a while) and then we just hung out at home. I decided to cut Grady's hair again. I knew the scissors would take too long so I busted out the clippers. I think it looks good. He looks older I think.
Anyway, here are some pics of the kids and a video of them being silly. It's after bath and Taylor's hair isn't fixed and she's eating a vitamin.


Rose said...

Cute pictures! Praying for Wednesday!

Michelle said...

Your kids are so cute! He does look like a "big" boy with his new do!

We live about an hour south of Indy. We are at Riley a ton and it usually falls very clustered together. We see Nancy Valentine for Pulmonary, but I was recently told Lillian would soon be switched to one of the docs. I really like Montgomery, but it sounds like we'll be shifting to Weist. They say she is good, but I've never really had a conversation with her. I've spoken more to Montgomery, Stephens, Jalou, and Kim than anyone else. Never met Ackerman. I know how you feel about the germ factor. I always try to find a seat far away from the common areas and the toys----ICK. It's getting harder since Lillian is mobile and wanting to do more though. I also hate that there is also this one tech person who wears excessive perfume...HELLO, is this a pulmonary clinic??? Lillian has RAD and sometimes that can be an issue. Anyway...will be praying things go well for you Wednesday!

Mandy said...

We've seen Stevens, Montgomery, Jalou, Kim, Ackerman, Weist, but out main one is Howenstine. I like her. I liked Montgomery and Jalou. Kim and Weist were fine. Ackerman knows what she's doing but scares me! Stevens is ok too.

Lori said...

they are so cute! and the hair cut came out great!!

All these B's and Me! said...

Love the pic's! They are just way too cute. :o)

Kristine said...

Thinking of you and the kiddies. I hope you're not too stressed about Wed.!

Take long bath if they will let you. :)