Monday, February 2, 2009

Isn't that just the way?

Why is it when one of your children finally gets "better" then other one always starts having problems? Grady is finally on the upswing from this latest flare up with his breathing. We're still doing breathing treatments and seeing the pulmonologist tomorrow but the steroids seemed to help and he's doing much better-- hoping she'll clear him for the tube procedure. Then there's Taylor! She coughed so hard/long last night she puked (again! This has been off and on for about a month! She was doing so much better but now the cough is back) so tonight we used the prescription cough med that the dr. called in last time and I gave her some breathing treatment to try and open her chest up. But she's already coughing in bed. Praying that she calms down and sleeps with little to no coughing and NO MORE puking from the cough. Poor thing coughed so hard last night (despite all I tried to do for her) that she busted little capillaries in her face and now has little red pin prick dots all over her cheeks (this happens with her fair skin if she cries hard too) Anyway, taking her to the dr. tomorrow afternoon to see what's going on!

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Lori said...

yuck! that is so not fun... I hope both kiddos feel a lot better soon