Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please send us some prayers

Could you please say some extra prayers?
Tomorrow is Grady's pulmonologist appt. We're praying for a good weight gain and a very clear chest xray so that she will give clearance for the ear tubes. The appt's at 9am.
IF that all goes well then we have the tube surgery scheduled for 8:15 am Thursday morning. We have to be there at 7:15 am.
Praying this all works out well. Also praying that my students/classroom aren't a disaster by the end of the week (out Wed. am, out all day Thurs. for Grady's surgery, out all day Friday for a training meeting!)
Please add my nephew Davus to your prayers tonight too. His appt. with the hematologist is Wed at 11:00am. Praying for good results and answers.


Lori said...

hope it all goes smoothly for everyone! update us when you get a chance

Finding Normal said...

Hope all goes well. Give my love to Pulm clinic (love those girls--best clinic in Riley!) and outpatient surgery. Oh, the hours I have spent in both.

Michelle said...

Will do! I do agree that Pulm is the BEST clinic at Riley. Will pray that all goes well and surgery is a go. If he does have it, you won't believe how fast it is.